• Chair Pilates

    With our chair equipment, most of the exercises are done standing, upright or seated.  Absolutely perfect to stretch and strengthen muscle groups that are difficult to reach

  • Private Sessions

    Individual sessions will allow you and our instructors to develop a better understanding of your posture, strengths and weakness. This is the most effective way to focus on your individual needs and goals.

  • Barrel Pilates

    With our Barrel equipment, you will enhance spinal flexion or extension. The Barrel also improves the range of motion into spinal extension.

  • Cadillac Machines

    With our Cadillac Machines, you can isolate almost every muscle group by using arm or leg springs, a push-through bar, even a trapeze.

  • Reformer & Tower Machines

    Reformer & Tower equipment use a complex combination of cables, bars, straps and pulleys to execute various exercises from different positions.

  • Mat Pilates

    Our Mat Pilates option offer beginners a good introduction to Pilates, will only require a mat to carry out the exercise, offered individually and in classes.